Marie Grech

Ms Grech's fav clip atm. As an obsessive Van Gogh fan, seeing this brought tears.

About Ms Grech

I have been a Teacher Librarian for 37 years! 
My Middle School boys are little angels I adore .
I still love it every day, absolutely no tears.
I teach 6,7 and 8s - they are great readers for sure.

X files, Star Wars, comics and autobiography,
these are my fav reads that I adore...
the landscape of my reading geography
is really just a big kid's bookstore.


Ms Grech's previous fav clip?

Ready Player One official movie trailer. (2018) Retrieved 3rd May 2018 from 

Ms Grech's another video atm - for Year 6 Autobiography study

Another fav vid of Ms Grech

Ms Grech's fav last video

Ms Grech is currently reading One of Us is Lying

One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus is a challenging read!

This is a book with a first line that initially would make me say this is unsuitable for anyone below a Year 8 but my Books 'n Bros Book Club boys have loved it and found it a book that is hard to put down - a real page-turner. It isn't difficult to read but it takes some thinking because the point of view changes around the different characters. It is the story of 5 teens who walk into detention but only 4 walk out, as one of them is murdered by one of the other 4. Everyone is a suspect, and as it turns out, they all have something to hide.

What did Ms Grech read last year?

Novels she is still thinking about...

 Markus Zusak's The Book Thief

This is still a book I haven't decided whether I like it or not. When I read it, I got up to about a third of the book from the end and started crying so much, I finished in the shower, so my son couldn't hear me crying. I did not realize how much the German population were affected so negatively by WW2!

I know I was deeply affected by this book but I still don't know if I 'liked' it or not - the jury is still out.

Ms Grech's fav novels

Albert Facey A Fortunate Life

Patrick Ness' A Monster Calls 

Doug MacLeod's The Life of a Teenage Body Snatcher

Deng Adut's Songs of a War Boy

All of David Walliam's hilarious novels


Ms Grech's fav Graphic Novels

Astro Boy is her absolute No. 1!


Batman Year 1 and The Dark Night Returns are THE BEST!

Sandman 1
Astro Boy
Kingdom Come
Ultimate Spiderman
Tank Girl
Batman the Killing Joke


What is Ms Grech finished reading?

What a story! Taken from his family at 6 and forced to be a boy soldier. Shot in the back at 12 and rescued by the United Nations, who flew him to Australia. Lived on the streets, taught himself to read and put himself through Sydney University to become a refugee lawyer?  Did he ever find his mum again? This is a hard read but worth it.