Creative Writing Club

Week 1: Our beginning authors

It was a dark and story night and Pearson, Toren, Aydin, Alex, Joshua, Kean, Beau, Gianluca, Julien, WIll, Cooper and Michael ventured out into the creative writing darkness, one step at a time. It would be the   best of times; it would be the worst of ties. They ventured into a this cold day in October, and the clocks were striking thirteen. Fortunately, there were no clocks in the Middle School Library, and so somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember, a boy lived not long ago. "All this happened, more or less," he said, "but where now? Who now? When now?" Ms Grech waved her hand, "fear not," she said, "let us just begin."

[NB: This above description includes famous novel first lines from:      Paul Clifford and Charlie Brown; A Tale of Two Cities; 1984; Don Quixote; Slaughterhouse-five; The Unnamable.]

We looked at where we might publish; The Raven is Scotch College's Creative Writing Magazine; have a look at it sometime in these first         two weeks of Term. We will be publishing our best writing in this online magazine.

The boys looked at different places to keep their writing; a blog, Word, Scrivener or a book-type journal. We also shared what types of writing the boys like to create.

Preparation for Week 2. Ms Grech is emailing the boys to ask if they have a piece of writing they wanted to show her/send her. She is sending them a piece of her writing that we will all try and improve upon in the next few weeks. Ms Grech asked each boy to come next week with a topic or theme to write about next week, so that we can use your chosen topic to demonstrate each of the topics we will be discussing and workshopping each week.

Week 2: Let's get writing!

This first week we introduce ourselves and talk about what we like to write, how much we are writing and when we write. Ms Grech gives an overview of the Club and its activities and program and promotes some writing competitions coming up. We look at The Raven and what avenues we have for publishing our writing (if that is what we want to do). 

Week 4 Starting and creating a character

 All the students worked on their main character. Last week we applied the 5 senses to our character.

 Today we asked ourselves some question prompts to get us thinking about the character.

 Putting our character in some unusual situations (like ourselves) tells us something 'out of the ballpark'.

Week 6; Sharing our story progress

In Week 6 we were going to share our 'Hooks'; our story starters. Bring along some options if you wish to share and see what we all think of different options to use as story starters.

Week 8 - Creating and maintaining suspense

Next week we are looking at how to create and maintain suspense in your writing. How do we get the reader to keep wanting to turn the page?

We are also going to look at endings. Bring along some samples that you want some 2nd opinions on.

Week 9 - Flash Fiction and publishing our work.

This week we had a lovely informal lunch and discussed Flash Fiction (when you write and publish a piece each  week), but then compile each piece into one publication, i.e. a novel).

I am hoping for you will all be keep up with your writing on the holidays, and don't forget to submit something to me if you wish to have it edited, or get a 2nd opinion, or ask for it to be considered for The Raven. 

We also discussed continuing our Club and extending others, but keeping this club on a Monday in 2017.

Have a great holiday and keep writing!

Week 3; How to start...

Ms Grech asked everyone to have a read of The Raven.We discussed how to construct a story. Ms Grech handed out a sheet to use as a guide. We discussed character and used our 5 senses to try and describe one. Ms Grech asked everyone to come next week with a story to tell and a character to create

Week 5; The 'Hook'; how to start a story

Week 5 we got an idea of how to start your story or poem. Sometimes we have a block, sometimes we are not sure just where to start in our story. This session will help! 

Week 7 - Making covers and targeting your audience

This week we want to look at covers; what do they do and how do they work. A cover is a message to your prospective reader about what your story is about, who it might appeal to, as well as some core information about you and the story. Some resources to play with:

Youtube video showing how to use Word to create a book cover 

Canva is a free online website that has great ideas and resources for making your own book cover.

Cooper suggested that



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