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A critical component of the Scotch College library is the routine creation and production of resources that can be used not only internally, but by other colleges as supplementary to their own various services. This page will contain the product of any development we are able to share and will be updated frequently. All documents located on this page are customized to the Scotch context so please be aware - any additional customization is the domain of the individual school/college with minimal help being provided for specific implementations. And when using or adapting these materials, please employ Creative Commons principles to attribution.


Promoting books on Library Steps

how to

The development and creation of the library steps to showcase some of the featured books and authors was inspired by what other libraries had done. The challenge was getting the right quality images and then spending time with a graphic designer to recreate the spine or cover or a combination to get the desired dimension and effect. 


Times were were generated by a graphic designer by looking for high quality artwork on the internet and then filling in the blanks as best we could. Authors, I really really with you provided high quality artwork of your books so libraries could more easily promote your books. These are all about 70 cm long so a lot of work was put into recreating your book artwork from the small cover artwork. Once we were happy with the size and quality of the files we of course measured the steps and fitted them to the correct size. The bottom was let black intentionally as we simply ran out of time to produce more artwork. 

Affixing to steps

The artwork was printed on an in-house HP Latex 360 printer printed to white gloss vinyl   then laid onto a 4mm alucobond. Once affixed they are then covered with a clear layer of anti-graffiti coating to protect it from shoe marks and other damage.

Once this was completed the next step we had to flush up the steps with a plywood packers to make the surface even these were attached with screws that were drilled into the brick steps. 

Once the steps were prepared the next phase was to liquid nails the alucobond to the brick step and wood backing before the anti-slip nosing was added to the top. It is important to check with your supplier as the artwork could need to be adjusted depending on the depth of the nosing at the front which covers over the front graphic. The nosing then covers the top of the graphic and is drilled into the top of the step. Lastly the anti slip strip is put in place this has a self-adhesive back and covers over the screws  

List of Materials and names 

4mm Alucobond

white gloss vinyl

clear coat anti-graffiti

flush surface to fit to

suitable anti slip nosing to cover the top


Referencing Infographic

To access the referencing pillar infographic InDesign files please find the download below.












As part of the movement to ensure that our boys at Scotch only need to know one username and password for the various online services, we have selected ezproxy from OCLC to facilitate this. The document attached clarifies the importance of this product to our strategic planning.

Also within this document is the justification - when working with the various Information Technology teams - to understand why this product is important to libraries.

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