Swallow The Air

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Tara jane Winch Bio


This novel by Tara June Winch is a narrative of a broken family, of running from unbearable pain, and of the quest to belong. It would be easy, especially for non-Aboriginal readers, to assume that Winch’s protagonist is searching most for her racial identity. But when May Gibson’s mother dies unexpectedly beneath the jacaranda tree in the backyard, and her small family disintegrates around her, May’s search is not for her Aboriginality. It is, rather, for somewhere to belong as she used to belong in her mother’s presence. For somewhere she can feel safe and whole, and simply be loved: probably the most universal of human quests.

A Gala Night of Story Telling - Tara June Winch

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Wole Soyinka and Tara June Winch, Rolex Mentor and Protégée in Literature, 2008 - 2009

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