The Third Man


Interview with Carol Reed


Scripted by Graham Greene, directed by Carol Reed and set in Cold War Vienna, The Third Man is an undisputed masterpiece of the British cinema and ranks amongst the 60 most important and most popular movies in the history of film. Its 50th anniversary was celebrated with a spectacular re-release in the English-speaking world.


The story of black market racketeer Harry Lime, his naive pulp fiction writer Holly Martins and beautiful Anna Schmidt between the two men was unanimously hailed as a masterpiece when premiered in London in September 1949 and proved a blockbuster with international audiences all over the world for years to come. It was awarded the British Film of the Year Award for 1949 , the Grand Prix at Cannes , an Oscar (and two more nominations) and and has recently been voted Best British Film of the Century.

(Timmerman, n.d.)


Carol Reed (Director)

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