Twin Peaks "Northwest Passage" &“Traces to Nowhere”

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This research guide has been created to support the Year 12 Media Production and Analysis students studying Twin Peaks.

"The story begins with the murder of Laura Palmer, a teen aged girl who lived in the quiet town of Twin Peaks, near the US - Canadian borders. Everyone seems surprised and devastated by the girl's murder, and the town's sherif welcomes the help of FBI agent Dale Cooper, who comes to investigate the case. As Cooper begins his search for Laura's killer, the town's secrets are gradually exposed. This is definitely not an average quiet town, it seems as everyone has something big to hide, During the nights, agent Cooper sees strange visions of Laura and other mysterious people, visions that tell him that something big is happening here, something far more evil than a single murder case..." 

(Makrozahopoulos, n.d.)

Twin Peaks Trailer

Lynch, D. (Director & Writer). (1990). Twin Peaks  [TV Broadcast]. United States:ABC Entertainment


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