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Director Ivan O'Mahoney

Mahoney, I. (Director). (2016, January 28). Go Back To Where You Came From [Documentary]. AUS: Cordell Jigsaw for SBS

Go Back To Where You Came From series director Ivan O'Mahoney talks to SBS about the dangers involved in making the series. 


Welcome to the 'Go Back to Where You Came from' research guide created for Year 11 Media Production and Analysis ATAR students.

"The ground-breaking and multi award-winning series returns to provoke national debate about how Australia responds to refugees and asylum seekers.

Six ordinary Australians will challenge their strongly held beliefs about refugees and asylum seekers on an immersive, reverse journey in which they will retrace the steps of those seeking asylum to some of the most dangerous places in the world.

Much has changed in the three years since season two got the nation talking back in 2012. But with the introduction of the Federal Government’s ‘Stop the Boats’ policies, controversy surrounding detainee treatment in detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island, and a growing public awareness of ‘stateless’ asylum seekers, the issues are as important and divisive as ever.

Meet the six Australians who will embark on a journey to see the world through the eyes of refugees, including a former refugee, two sisters with opposing opinions, a Nauru and Manus Island whistle-blower, a tough talking teacher, and a ‘Stop the Boats’ campaigner."

(SBS. 2015)

Go Back To Where You Came From Trailer

Mahoney, I. (Director). (2011). Go Back To Where You Came From [Television Documentary]. AUS: Cordell Jigsaw for SBS


Ivan Mahoney (Director)


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