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Below is a list of research questions completed by Scotch students to help give you ideas about the type of topics you could investigate.


Welcome to the Extended Essay resource guide. The Extended Essay is an Investigation into a topic that personally interests you. Explore this topic to develop a reasoned argument that proves your ideas. This resource guide contains information designed to support you through your Extended Essay.

What is the Extended Essay

The Extended Essay is an opportunity for you to conduct independent research into a topic you are personally interested in. You can elect any field of research that relates to one of the subject areas in your Diploma course. The advantage of selecting your own topic is that you have the opportunity to research an area that you are truly interested in allowing you to become fully engaged in what you are discovering. The Extended Essay is designed to help you to continue to develop the skills you need to progress from a largely prescriptive academic environment to the independence and self-motivation required to become a successful tertiary student.


The Extended Essay is one of the three core components of the IB Diploma Programme.  It is an opportunity for you to showcase the skills you have acquired as an IB student.

Extended Essay in Brief


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Subject Specific introduction to the Extended Essay

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