Chasing Asylum
Tampa Crisis & Children Overboard

Tampa Crisis News 2001-2002

The Leaky Boats Q&A

Q&A. (Producer). (2011). Leaky Boats [Documentary]. AUS: ABC

Tampa Current News 2011-2016

Children Overboard

Children Overboard - Virginia Trioli discusses Peter Reith interview

Trioli, V. (2012, Spetember 1). Children overboard - Virginia Trioli discusses with Peter Reith. [Video File]. Retrieved from

Virginia Trioli on her notorious / Walkley award-winning radio interview with Peter Reith at the height of the Children Overboard affair. Excerpt from Ellen Fanning's 2003 six-part series on ethics in journalism, Fine Line.

John Howard on the Children Overboard

Samplenukes. (2007, November 23). Children overboard [Video File]. Retrieved from

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