Personality and Participation in Sport
The Big 5 Personality Tests


This test page offers three different tests:

1. Test which sport suits your personality from the BBC. 

        -  This test determines your personality then offers a sport to match your personality based on the test results.

2. JobTestPrep and offers the Big Five personality testing for free.

3. This Quizlet tests your knowledge on the Big 5 Personality Traits.

1. Which Sport Suits Your Personality Test?

Study Tips from Mrs Fugill and Mr Allen

  1. Get to class on time and pay attention
  2. Take GOOD notes and keep them well organised
  3. Ask questions and listen when others ask questions
  4. Write and Review your notes after class
  5. Get a study group together
  6. Have a calendar that notes all assessment dates
  7. Give homework and study adequate time
  8. Ask for more questions on a topic if you still feel a bit shaky at the end of the exercise.
  9. If you get stuck, make sure you email the teacher your homework problems. Give it a good go though.
  10. Develop strategies for moving forward when you get stuck
  11. Use the feedback provided to you by your teacher. 
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