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3D Walk through of the Junior Middle Library

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One of the exciting new initiatives in the Senior Library is the implementation of 5 TV displays. These screens are connected to individual Foxtel setups, and provide a continuous stream of news from channels all around the world. Students can also tune in and stream the audio from each TV using the Audio Everywhere mobile application. By exposing students to news from global perspectives, we hope to foster a curiosity for events outside their immediate context; equipping them for an increasingly globalised world.


With the prevalence of technology so evident within our Scotch community, we believe it's equally as important to balance it out with nature. Our Cactus Garden brings some 'green' to the library space, providing the perfect harmony between the modern and natural worlds.


The desks in the Senior Library were selected after careful consideration of sizing. The desk dimensions are 120cm x 50cm and allow for two students to sit comfortably with their books and laptop. 

TIPS: Ensure your desks have sliders that easily slide along carpet. Wheels are not needed if the right carpet protectors are selected and you do not have the added issue of locking wheels into place. Ensure also that the legs are bolted and not metal clicked into the frame holding the wooden top.



The couches are always used within the library and these allow plenty of room for up to 4 students sitting snug. Dark colours make them less prone to staining (we allow food in our library). The couches need to be put on a cleaning roster if you select fabric and we have them cleaned twice a year. 

TIPS: Ensure that they are not excessively heavy. Strongly recommend that you try to move one before having yours made or delivered. They also need to be on sliders with no grip on the bottom.


Chairs are coloured to differentiate areas.

TIPS: Ensure that they are strong enough and are one complete unit and not two pieces fitted together. These are primarily used when classes come in and there are enough in the space for one class in each area. 


The ottomans in this area are used as ad hoc seating when required. They are a compact solution to accommodate additional students we have in the area during break times, doubling as low profile, short-term seating for groups. Each is very light and solid foam without any wood framing. They are a dark red fabric, again, to reduce the likelihood of staining.  

TIPS: Ensure they are light and very easy to move or else they will not be used as intended.

Bean Bags

There are 8 large bean bags, which provide an option for the students wanting to relax in the space during recess, lunch and after school hours.


Fiction Section

The shelving pictured is 1m x 2.2m, holding a full shelf of approx. 50 books. Each shelf is on wheels that can be locked into place. Stepped shelving  heights allow for the area to be more flexible and aesthetically pleasing, but be aware that at table height students will tend to use these as tables if you run out of proper tables. These units are regularly moved (fully loaded) and it is quite easy to do this, despite their weight. 

TIPS: These units are very expensive due to the wave. While they look very good, the money can arguably be spent in other places. Face out is a big thing for fiction but can be achieved just as well from the right high and other choices in display holders. 

Metal Shelving Along Wall

This shelving runs the length of one wall and is fixed in this location. They have a lot of face out space along the top and the buckets at the bottom hold our picture books. 

TIPS: Ensure that all shelving is mobile - having this locks much of our fiction collection into one area.

Non-Fiction Shelving

This is legacy shelving and is not mobile. It held our non-fiction collection and was densely packed due to decreasing use and the lack of reading for pleasure done in this area.

TIPS: From 2016, non-fiction will be stored and accessed 'on demand'. Investing in this shelving is not something that will be considered in the future.


Standard bookend and display materials.

TIPS: Acrylic everything


This desk holds space for two staff members. The first space is used for the Library Services Specialist and is the first usual point of contact, facing all operations in the library. The returns slot is built-in with a spring-loaded box. The second work station is the IT Support location with a roomy, open-ended sitting area to allow for training and discussion. This has its own set of small ottomans to provide compact, short-term seating for clients in this location. The desk has no built in drawers. Dimensions are approx 0.75m x 6m.

TIPS: Ensure the hole cut in the desk for a drop is measured appropriately. In addition to this, the desk height and privacy screen need to be carefully considered, if the privacy screen is simply to hide objects then it should be removed. This desk needs to be considered carefully and based on each individual circumstance.


This is used for staff and students that need to work closely with library staff and can turn to receive immediate help.


Cupboards are very important and ones with built-in power are especially useful. With the increasing number of devices being managed by libraries, secure storage is important. In the cupboards below, a total of 24 charging ports and 16 USB charging points are supplied.

TIPS: Ensure that cupboards are used to store important items, too often they are used to store thing we think we require but never use. 


This unit has a 60" Sony screen mounted on a mobile stand. It is used around the library where needed and is also the unit we use for video conferencing.

TIPS: Ensure that a space on the unit exists for the placement of a laptop (if you can). Cable management for mobile devices needs to be considered.


Our Vertical TV Stands add a whole new dimension to teaching in the library - allowing for easier viewing access by students, and increased convenience for our teaching staff.



These shown below are flip tops with a whiteboard surface. Each is on wheels and are quite heavy as the top is very large allowing for maximum surface for writing. Each flip table was chosen with a flip mechanism specifically to prevent fingers being caught in the action.


The ottomans are a pyramid shape allowing for them to be used in two different heights. They can be turned so they are a 35cm height or a 45cm height to allow for students of different sizes. Each ottoman is vinyl, solid foam and very light. No hard chairs are in this library as teaching pedagogy has been adjusted to ensure boys are not sitting at single locations for extended amounts of time. 


The shelving is mobile except for those built directly into the walls. This allows for the entire space to be collapsed and hold a large gathering of individuals. Shelves featured below have built in ways of displaying books and different heights based on the fiction and non-fiction books. The last item in this set is the shelving that acts a seat as well. This holds the board games and other 'browsing books' that are readily available. Dimensions are 90cm x 95cm.

TIPS: Ensure that graphic novel shelving is the height of your non-fiction as they are the same height in many cases. In addition the wheels on this shelving need to be as heavy duty as possible. Finally I highly recommend that all shelving has the built in display bar you see in the images.



The library has invested in clear acrylic bookends to hold the book at the end of each shelf. This helps to ensure that the content is the most important part of the shelves and will not date with time.


The modular 'Amphitheatre' style seating sits in the middle of the Library, in between the Junior and Middle sections. This enables its use by all year groups, creating a vibrant and interactive environment for students to engage in. It can seat an entire class; often used for 'reading time' or group presentations. Alternatively, it's spacious nature also allows students to relax and find a comfortable position. 


Each table is on wheels with a full metal frame. The frame is powder coated yellow and the top is a whiteboard surface. The structure is quite heavy. The dimensions of the table are 1.8m x 1.5m x 0.6m.

TIPS: Ensure that you test the weight of the tables before purchasing. Recommend rounded edges.



Ottomans are the same as those in the Middle School, no hard chairs in this space.

TIPS: Select dark colours as black shoes and soles will mark.


Small bean bags are located in the reading area and may be taken outside with a class.

Reading Chairs

The reading chairs are distinctive and are used when reading to the boys. The white fabric on the chair back can be written on and wiped off and can also be used to show what books are going to be read.


This iPad is used to sign students into the Senior library when they are using it for adhoc study. This uses the LibSurvey system as provided by Springshare, the iPad is in supervised mode and locked to the website.


With the open spaces of the library the issue of noise transference between areas is significant when showing rich media. These headphones are used by the teacher librarians and and the audio is streamed to each headphone via the transmitter plugged directly into a standard jack.


GoPro Cameras

Each library has a complement of GoPro Hero cameras which can be optioned with various adapters.

Canon DSLRs

Each library has a complement of DSLR Canon cameras, tripods and accessories that may be borrowed by students and teachers. A hard case or bag can be provided.

Sony Video Cameras

Each library has a number of Sony video cameras that may be loaned out to students and teachers.


DJI Osmo

The Senior Library now has the new DJI Osmo camera. The DJI Osmo is a versatile stabilized camera on a three-axis gimbal and can be used to capture stable footage in a wide range of circumstances. For more information on the Osmo, visit this ask.SCOTCH FAQ


Each library has 6 iPods used for specific audiobooks to assist with classes and lessons. Each is locked to only allow that usage and is provisioned with the English subject novels.


6 port PClocs USB charging station. This is used to charge all devices such as GoPro and iPods without the need to have many more 240v adapters.


The new UP BOX 3D Printer is a professional model that includes all the great features that the UP printers are famous for. It is bigger, faster, provides higher resolution, whisper quiet, fully enclosed, self calibrating, includes an air filtration system, and is enclosed in a sleek outer case. UP BOX Printers are stationed in both Libraries, and are available to students and teachers for class projects.


The Foldio is a pop-up studio, shrunken for convenience. White walls and built-in LEDs give just the right amount of light under any conditions. It pulls together in a snap, stays in place with sturdy magnets, and folds flat once the shoot is done.


The QPIX Scanner transforms your photos and negatives to digital files. It can import digital images directly from printed photos, colour and monochrome negatives as well as mounted slides so you can easily store, copy and print your memories.


Wireless remotes are particularly useful when taking group shots with yourself in the frame, or when it isn't practical to stand directly behind your camera at the time of capture, such as with some types of nature photography.


Samson Meteor USB microphones are compatible with both Mac and iPad, allowing for quick, portable recording in almost every situation. With a large condenser diaphragm, and stereo headphone jack for no latency monitoring, this mic is the one of the easiest ways to ensure a high quality video product.

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Library Photos


In the past three years, the libraries across Scotch have increased focus on providing environments for our students that are are as up-to-date, comfortable and functional as possible. This has meant that ongoing review of the nature of existing and new furniture has resulted in new designs being adopted along with constant examination of both the perceived use of space and the reality.

The student numbers within the library have been a significant factor in the selection of furniture. In both the JML and SL we have had to accommodate far more than the standard class size due to the heavy use of the space during break times. This has meant that creating flexible furniture choices allow for variations in numbers and area usage each day.

Below are images from the two libraries at Scotch and some of the philosophy behind these choices.