Middle School Bucket list
Year 6 Student Choice Bucket List

Year 6 Bucket List by Student Choice

Mistakes were made Pastis, Stephan

Bleakboy and Hunter stand out in the rain Herrick, Steven

Once series Gleitzman, Morris

Cheesie Mack is running like crazy! Cotler, Stephen L. Holgate, Douglas

Return of the Padawan Brown, Jeffrey

The 91-storey treehouse Griffiths, Andy; Denton, Terry

Invasion of the overworld : an unofficial Cheverton, Mark

Yes! No (Maybe...) Pichon, Liz

Big Nate series Peirce, Lincoln

The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy Adams, Douglas

Skulduggery Pleasant series Landy, Derek

The brilliant world of Tom Gates series Pichon, Liz

Just doomed! Griffiths, Andy; Denton, Terry

The bad book Griffiths, Andy; Denton, Terry

Just crazy! Griffiths, Andy

After Gleitzman, Morris

Don't look now. Book one Jennings, Paul

Rafe's Aussie misadventure Patterson, James

The phantom bully Brown, Jeffrey

The power of six Lore, Pittacus

The outcasts Flanagan, John

TimeRiders Scarrow, Alex

Genius ideas (mostly) Pichon, Liz

Middle school series Patterson, James

Shouldn't you be in school? Snicket, Lemony

The quest for the diamond sword Morgan, Winter

The one and only Ivan Applegate, Katherine

War stories : true stories from the first... Dowswell, Paul

Diary of a wimpy kid series Kinney, Jeff

The cloud searchers Kibuishi, Kazu

The very bad book Griffiths, Andy; Denton, Terry

How to cheat a dragon's curse : translated from Cowell, Cressida

One piece : east blue. 1-2-3 Oda, Eiichiro; Casselman, Lance

How to steal a dragon's sword Cowell, Cressida

Best book day ever! (so far) Pichon, Liz

Don't look now. Jennings, Paul

The Zom-B chronicles : including Zom-B, Zom-B Shan, Darren

Illuminae Kaufman, Amie; Kristoff, Jay

The strange case of Origami Yoda Angleberger, Tom  

The tests of the Ninja Kishimoto, Masashi

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief  Riordan, Rick

Just tricking! Griffiths, Andy

The kill order Dashner, James

Tank boys Dando-Collins, Stephen

Now look what you've done Pastis, Stephan

Off the leash : the secret life of dogs Fawcett, Rupert

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods Riordan, Rick  

The rule of thoughts Dashner, James

The siege of Macindaw Flanagan, John

The burning bridge Flanagan, John

Bushfire: surviving Black Saturday Murphy, Sally

002: Another Fine Mess Jorgensen, Norman

The Spectacular Spencer Gray Fitzpatrick, Deb

Mallee Boys Archbold, Charlie

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