Middle School Bucket list
Year 8 Student Choice Bucket List

Year 8 Bucket List by Student Choice

Black Friday Muchamore, Robert

Tomorrow, when the war began Marsden, John

Class A Muchamore, Robert  

Monsters of men Ness, Patrick

The hunger games Collins, Suzanne

The recruit : the graphic novel Muchamore, Robert

Magnus Chase and the sword of summer Riordan, Rick

Brigands M.C. Muchamore, Robert

The recruit Muchamore, Robert

The fellowship of the Ring Tolkien, J.R.R.

Once Gleitzman, Morris

Silverfin Higson, Charlie

Eragon Paolini, Christopher

After Gleitzman, Morris

Steelheart Sanderson, Brandon

Soon Gleitzman, Morris

Legend Lu, Marie

The rig Ducie, Joe

Great minds think alike Peirce, Lincoln  

Blue Oda, Eiichiro

The fate of Ten Lore, Pittacus

The recruit Muchamore, Robert

The Scorch Trials Dashner, James

January Lord, Gabrielle

Dark sun Muchamore, Robert  

Divine madness Muchamore, Robert  

Man vs beast Muchamore, Robert  

The killing Muchamore, Robert

Guardian angel Muchamore, Robert  

Fox Swift Lawrence, D.H; Rioli, Cyril  

One piece : east blue. 4-5-6 Oda, Eiichiro

The revenge of seven Lore, Pittacus

Firefight Sanderson, Brandon

The novice Matharu, Taran

Sick Leveen, Tom

The Martian Weir, Andy

The book of lies Moloney, James

Skulduggery Pleasant Landy, Derek

BZRK Grant, Michael

The maze runner Dashner, James

Scott Pilgrim vs the world O'Malley, Bryan Lee

The lost hero Riordan, Rick  

The ask and the answer Ness, Patrick

The recruit Muchamore, Robert

Divine madness Muchamore, Robert

Genius ideas (mostly) Pichon, Liz

The kill order Dashner, James

I am number four : the lost files : the legacies Lore, Pittacus

One piece : east blue. 7-8-9 Oda, Eiichiro

Wonder Palacio, R.J 7

Four : a divergent collection Roth, Veronica

Exile Messenger, Shannon

The 78-storey treehouse Griffiths, Andy; Denton, Terry

The hunters Flanagan, John

The warlock Scott, Michael

City of bones Clare, Cassandra

The spook's apprentice Delaney, Joseph; Wyatt, David

Now Gleitzman, Morris

TimeRiders Scarrow, Alex

Specky Magee & the battle of the young guns Arena, Felice

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief Riordan, Rick

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. Rowling, J.K.

The hobbit (there and back again) Tolkien, J.R.R.

Specky Magee & the season of champions Arena, Felice; Lyon, Garry

Maximum Ride. 3 Patterson, James; Lee, NaRae

The general Muchamore, Robert

The Maleficent Seven : from the world of Landy, Derek

The enchantress Scott, Michael

The colossus rises Lerangis, Peter

Gone Grant, Michael

I am number four Lore, Pittacus

Fantastic beasts & where to find them Rowling, J.K.

Refugee boy Zephaniah, Benjamin

The assassin's blade : the throne of glass Maas, Sarah J

Raijn ; and, Woman in the mirror Apps, Roy

Super human Carroll, Michael

The burning bridge Flanagan, John

Wolves of the Witchwood Forsyth, Kate

Brick flicks : a comprehensive guide to making Herman, Sarah

Diamond and pearl adventure! 1 and 2 Ihara, Shigekatsu

The beast of Blackmoor Bog Forsyth, Kate

The power of six Lore, Pittacus 6 Yes! No (Maybe...) Pichon, Liz

The fallen Higson, Charlie

Legend Lu, Marie

One piece. 22-23-24 / Baroque works. Oda, Eiichiro

Harry Potter and the cursed child. Parts Thorne, Jack; Rowling, J.K.; Tiffany, John

The young elites Lu, Marie


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